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The Royal Air Force Air Cadets 

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets, previously known as the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO), is the youth organisation sponsored by the Royal Air Force that manages both the Air Training Corps and RAF contingents of the Combined Cadet Force. The organisation is headed by a serving RAF officer, the Commandant Air Cadets. The current commandant is Air Commodore Keeling.

Expand your horizons

If you're a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you're in the right place. Every year nearly 56,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country.


Air Training Corps

The ATC is community-based and open to anyone aged between 13, or 12 if you are in year 8, and 20 years who is eligible. Organised into more than 900 squadrons around the country, we’re probably closer than you think.

Amongst the many adventurous training opportunities on offer, we are the largest operator of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.


The ATC motto is 'Venture - Adventure' and our cadets know that it's more than just words - it's an attitude that helps you stand out from the crowd.

For a detailed information and overview booklet of the RAF Air Cadets and 862 (Sunbury)Sqn please click the pdf. button. 

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